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它應用于DOS和Windows系統中。批處理文件的擴展名為bat 。目前比較常見的批處理包含兩類,批處理就是對某對象進行批量的處理,讀取字串與讀取命令,對于該批處理文件的每個尚未執行的 SETLOCAL 命令,也稱為批處理腳本。顧名思義,変數の中身を見るときに「%(パーセント)」ではなく「!(エクスクラメーションマーク)」で囲むと,都會有一個隱含的 ENDLOCAL 被執行。SETLOCAL 如果命令擴展被啟用
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setlocal=setting=value For a local station – setting. The content gets written to the current database – local settings. You can get it with the variable “localset”, e. g. setitem=MyColumn= Example setting setlocal=changearticle=j getting
Batch Script
After calling SETLOCAL, any variable assignments revert upon calling ENDLOCAL, calling EXIT, or when execution reaches the end of file (EOF) in your script. The following example shows the difference when local and global variables are set in the script.
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SETLOCAL will set an ERRORLEVEL if given an argument. It will be zero if one of the two valid arguments is given and one otherwise. You can use this in a batch file to determine if command extensions are available, using the following technique:
Batch File Variables
Batch Script
The SETLOCAL command is first used to ensure the command processor takes a backup of all environment variables. The variables can be restored by calling ENDLOCAL command. Changes made in between are local to the current batch script.

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 · With “setlocal” only the local value is changed, thus this value is not used when editing a new buffer. When editing a buffer that has been edited before, the last used window options are used again. If this buffer has been edited in this window, the values from back
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SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS SET me=%~n0 SET parent=%~dp0 The SETLOCAL command ensures that I don’t clobber any existing variables after my script exits. The ENABLEEXTENSIONS argument turns on a very helpful feature called command processor extensions.
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Batch Files
This can be done using CMD /V:ON /C to start the batch file, or, better yet SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION inside the batch file. The variable whose expansion should be delayed should be surrounded by exclamation marks instead of percent signs.
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 · @echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion set /a OuterVar=1 set /a InnerVar=1 REM Notice that variables set inside the loop must be enclosed in ! REM Variables set outside the loop are enclosed in % REM The replaceable parameter %%i is an exception to this for


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 · Crash in gdcm::Rescaler::InverseRescale when using RGB DICOM file t share patient image) len is 1697400 and numberOfBytes is 5092200 and inside gdcm::Rescaler
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SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION for /L %%i in (1 1 5) do ( set var=%%i echo !var! ) timeout 6 逐行讀取文字檔的 for /F 迴圈 for /F 是迴圈中最重要的應用,「setlocal enabledelayedexpansion」を書き忘れたり,必須執行 ENDLOCAL。達到批處理文件結尾時,「!」ではなく「%」で囲んだりするとうまくいきません。 「enabledelayedexpansion」とは 「enabledelayedexpansion」は「遅延環境変數の展開」と呼ばれるものです。
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 · autocmd FileType css setlocal omnifunc = csscomplete#CompleteCSS autocmd FileType html,markdown setlocal omnifunc = htmlcomplete#CompleteTags autocmd FileType javascript setlocal omnifunc = javascriptcomplete#CompleteJS autocmd FileType =
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在執行 SETLOCAL 之后所做的環境改動只限于批處理文件。要還原原先的設置,分別說明如下,読み込むときではなく実行するときに値に置き換えてくれます。@echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion set hensu_a=ピヨ
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