fibrinous exudation (A.)

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(A.) Simple Or Plastic Fibrinous Exudation

(A.) Simple Or Plastic Fibrinous Exudation A grayish, yellowish-gray, or if containing blood -corpuscles, even red, reddish-gray exudate which, in great part, speedily solidifies, into bulky, membranaceous, plug-like, or frame-like coagula , whilst the remainder, where the proportion of blood-serum is considerable, coagulates in the latter into flocculi, thus parting into a solid and a fluid
Inflammation ospe rapid review
Inflammatory Exudates
A Fibrinous Exudate is one in which there is more or less fibrin present, which probably helps restrict the escape of the infecting agents. It is formed by the action of fibrin ferment acting upon fibrinogen or fibrin-forming substances in the presence of calcium salts.
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Exudate definition, types and difference between …

Exudate definition and types of wound exudate – purulent exudate,fibrinous exudate,serous exudate. How to tell the difference between transudate and exudate What is exudate Exudate is fluid that leaks out of blood vessels into a body cavity or nearby tissues as a
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5. The Purulent Exudation. Suppuration. Pus

A fibrinous exudation occupies the meshes of the necrosed tissue as well as its surface, and it is consequently adherent to and involved in the membrane. These terms, although originally applied to croup and diphtheria , are now frequently used in a purely anatomical sense of exudation…
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Fibrinous exudation occurred more in the combined group (57 eyes, 12.4%) than in the sequential group (19 eyes, 5.1%) (p = 0.000). Conclusion Both sequential and combined cataract surgeries seemed to be safe. Combined surgery could be preferred in harder
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Pathology of Spontaneous Colibacillosis in a Broiler Flock

 · PDF 檔案changes were fibrinous exudation with mesothelial cell destruction on the inner surface of the hepatic perito- neal sac (fig. 7). Further, there was a large amount of fibrinous exudate in the hepatic peritoneal cavity (fig. 8). Fibrinous exudate sometimes occurred on
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Difference Between Exudate and Transudate
 · Fibrinous exudate consists of proteins fibrinogen and fibrin in larger quantities. This exudate is a common characteristic of rheumatic carditis. It is also present in severe cases of injuries which include strep throat and pneumonia caused by bacteria. Figure 01
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Subgroup analysis revealed fibrinous exudation in the anterior chamber to be significantly more frequent after combined surgery, particularly in cases of proliferative diabetic retinopathy. Combined pars plana vitrectomy, phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation as well as the two-step procedure are safe and effective.
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Fibrinous Pericarditis Article
 · Fibrinous pericarditis is usually caused by trauma, surgery, acute myocardial infarction, uremia, collagen vascular disorders, and malignancies. Etiology Injury to the pericardium leads to the release of inflammatory cells, fibrin, and fluid.
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Fibrinous Meaning
What does fibrinous mean? Of, like, or containing fibrin. (adjective) Along with the exuded serum this fills up the breach in the tissues and the whole is rapidly formed into a fibrinous mass due to the disintegration of the polymorphonuclear leucocytes setting free their ferment.
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Lung Consolidation
Abstract In cases of lobular and segmental pneumonia, large amounts of air are displaced from the lung as a result of extensive fibrinous exudation. Affected lobes or segments are depleted of air and sink in water. The phase of engorgement offers good conditions for
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2021 ICD-10-CM Index > ‘Exudate’

2021 ICD-10-CM Index › ‘E’ Terms › Index Terms Starting With ‘E’ (Exudate) Index Terms Starting With ‘E’ (Exudate) Exudate pleural – see Effusion, pleura retina H35.89
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Fibrinous pleurisy
Fibrinous pleurisy, with deposit of a dry exudate, fibrin, on the pleurae, occurs with tuberculosis and pneumonia. Exudative pleurisy, in which the fissure between the pleurae is filled with an exudate, may be serous or serofibrinous (tubercular, idiopathic, or rheumatic), hemorrhagic (tubercular or with tumors), or purulent and putrefactive (as with lung abscesses).
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Dry pleuritis
Pleurisy with a fibrinous exudation, without an effusion of serum, resulting in adhesion between the opposing surfaces of the pleura. Synonym(s): adhesive pleurisy, fibrinous pleurisy, plastic pleurisy.
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fibrinous exudate -accumulation of fluid with a high concentration of plasma protein, large amount of fibrin, and small amounts of leukocytes -severe endothelial damage: