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Newborn Vision: When Can Babies See?
Newborn vision sharpens in gradual stages during the first few years of life, and as with other important aspects of growth and development, it changes and improves every day. Read on to learn how baby vision progresses over time, and when you can expect babies
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Fetal development: your baby’s eyes and sight
How does my baby’s sight develop in the womb? During pregnancy, your baby’s eyes develop well enough to perceive light, shapes, and even some colour. At birth, he can focus on objects about 20cm (8in) to 30cm (12in) away (Moore et al 2019a, NHS 2018a, von Hofsten et al 2014) – just the right distance to gaze at your face when you hold him.
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When Do Babies’ Eyes Change Colour?
Your baby’s eye colour can change after birth; learn why, what colour your baby will end up with, and how genetics influence the final eye colour. You’ve waited so long for this moment – looking into your newborn’s eyes for the very first time. But did you know it can
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Infant visual development
Infant vision concerns the development of visual ability in human infants from birth through the first years of life. The aspects of human vision which develop following birth include visual acuity, tracking, color perception, depth perception, and object recognition. Unlike many other sensory systems, the human visual system – components
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Eye Contact in Babies: Expert Advice

The development of eye gaze Eye gaze develops in leaps and bounds when it comes to babies: Within 7 hours after birth infants take a remarkable interest in their mothers’ faces and have been shown to imitate facial expressions made by caregivers. Between 6-10 weeks, baby begins to direct her eyes more intentionally by looking directly at her caregiver and holding the gaze with eyes widening.
Infant Eye Contact May Predict Later Antisocial Behavior
How Your Newborn Looks
Babies are born with hair, but the amount, texture, and color vary from one newborn to another. Most, if not all, “baby hair” falls out during the first six months and is replaced by mature hair. The color and texture of the mature hair may be different from the hair the baby was born with.
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Newborn Baby Goes Viral for Hilarious Facial Expression …

Newborn Baby Goes Viral for Making Hilarious Facial Expression Immediately After C-Section The baby girl was born in Rio de Janeiro on Feb. 13 By Helen Murphy February 26, 2020 01:35 PM
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70 Congratulation Wishes for New Born Baby Boy
 · A new baby, a new generation, a divine bundle of joy. Most people anticipate weddings, graduations and anniversaries, but no one ever seems to remember about baby showers and baby-welcoming parties. Whether you are a relative, friend, colleague, neighbor or professional acquaintance, you may be called upon to celebrate and welcome a newborn baby. With […]
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Eye Discharge in Newborn Babies: Causes and Treatment

Eye discharge in newborn babies could indicate certain physical/health issues. It is, therefore, important to keep a close eye on the appearance of the eye discharge. If you see any of the following kinds of eye discharges in your newborn baby, you must take necessary actions immediately.
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Funny-looking newborns
 · Newborn Baby Funny-looking newborns By Jenny Des Jarlais | Let’s face it. Newborns have been through a lot, and the results aren’t always pretty. They can even look like a cross between an alien and a prune. It can be hard to imagine that in only a few short
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Symptoms of the evil eye in babies and newborns and …

However, as manifested by those who work with this type of energy, it is usually easy to know if a newborn or baby has an evil eye. How to protect the newborn, the baby and the child Everything will depend on the country in which we find ourselves, since in many cultures and civilizations it is usually thought that protection is sufficient using amulets or rituals .
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Newborn sleeping too much: What is normal and what …

Managing a newborn’s sleep is one of the most challenging tasks of looking after a newborn. Newly-born babies are not accustomed to schedules or the rhythms of a typical day. For this reason
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Communication and Your Newborn (for Parents)
 · Do you remember your baby’s very first cry? From the moment of birth, babies begin to communicate. At first, your newborn’s cries may seem like a foreign language. But before you know it, you’ll learn your baby’s “language” and be able to answer your little one’s needs. Babies are born …
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Everything You Need for a Newborn Baby
 · Newborn Necessities When a baby enters this world, he/she needs very little. For the first few weeks of life, all the baby will do is eat, sleep, and (you should have seen this coming) poop. There’s not much else a baby does until about 3-5 months! Most of the things